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LEGO? Worlds Now At Version 1.0
Posted by Richard on March 7, 2017 at 09:41 PM CST:
When LEGO® Worlds was first released on Steam, it was an unfinished version of the game that has grown over time with feedback from early buyers. It has now officially come out of early access with it's version 1.0 patch earlier today. The announcement includes a PC exclusive code you can enter at the Extras menu. UPDATE: It also releases today on PS4 and Xbox One!

Hi all,


As of now LEGO Worlds is no longer in Early Access, and has moved into it's v1 state!

We want to share one last Thank You to our Early Access community, and welcome new players to the fold as we move onto the next step in the LEGO Worlds journey. We have thoroughly enjoyed our time these past two years, and look forward to what comes next!

Also, we have one last surprise that is PC only. After you complete the 3 Starter Worlds, head to the Extras menu and type in the word BR1CK5. One extra treat for our illustrious building community!

For now though; get out there Master Builders! Show us what you can do!

Many Thanks,
The LEGO Worlds Team

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