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LEGO? Shop At Home Holiday 2002 Catalog
Posted by Mark on October 31, 2002 at 12:28 AM CST:
I recently received my Holiday 2002 LEGO? Shop At Home catalog, and it has several BIONICLE? items of note. First and foremost is the preview of the DC Comics BIONICLE? #9 comic: "Divided We Fall". It is a tiny (3 cm x 5 cm) image on the back of the LEGO? magazine free subscription reply card add-in. (Note for those who want a free subscription: you can also call 1-866-534-6258). There is also a picture of the cover of the November ? December issue of the magazine which promises a "Sneak Preview" of 2003, but no other BIONICLE related cover stories.

The cover of the catalog shows the TOA NUVA battling the BOHROK in a toy store display, but the best part of the cover is the BOHROK ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree! You have to get all the way to page 39 before you see any more BIONICLE sets though, and those are NOKAMA and VAKAMA on the clearance page (buy any five sets, save $4).

BIONICLE does get a six-page layout starting on page 44. There you will find the BIONICLE: MATORAN ADVENTURES GBA game, the NUVA CUBE T-SHIRT, and three pens. Someone goofed with the KANOHI NUVA though, because the #8598 TOA NUVA KANOHI pack description is accompanied by a picture of the original KANOHI and a title of "Collect all 72".

Other items of interest include the BIONICLE SHOES and add-on TOE MASKS on page 46, the BIONICLE WATCH on page 48, and the ULTIMATE BOHROK SWARM KIT on page 49. By purchasing all six BOHROK along with all six BOHROK VA, you save 15% over purchasing them all separately.

Thanks to Tobi for pointing out the #9 comic cover preview image.

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