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LEGO MANIA Magazine Update
Posted by Mark on January 14, 2002 at 08:15 PM CST:
I just received the January-February 2002 issue of LEGO MANIA Magazine. It came not with Issue 4 of the BIONICLE comic, but an ALPHA TEAM: Mission Deep Sea book cover and scant information about BIONICLE in general. Sigh.

What is there is interesting though. First, there are instructions on how to make a MUKAU (shown above) from GALI and POHATU parts. Second, it promises March 2002 is LEGO Month at Toys R Us with events featuring JACK STONE, BIONICLE:BOHROK, and SOCCER. It says to visit for the latest information. Finally, it promises that you can download a BOHROK at

Note: The events page does not at the time of this writing include information on LEGO Month. Also, you probably know that won't be updated for another day or two, so you will just have to wait for that DeskTop BOHROK.

Cannister front