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LEGO® MANIA™ Magazine Update
Posted by Mark on January 14, 2002 at 08:15 PM CST:
I just received the January-February 2002 issue of LEGO® MANIA™ Magazine. It came not with Issue 4 of the BIONICLE™ comic, but an ALPHA TEAM: Mission Deep Sea book cover and scant information about BIONICLE™ in general. Sigh.

What is there is interesting though. First, there are instructions on how to make a MUKAU (shown above) from GALI and POHATU parts. Second, it promises March 2002 is LEGO® Month at Toys “R” Us® with events featuring JACK STONE, BIONICLE™:BOHROK, and SOCCER. It says to visit for the latest information. Finally, it promises that you can download a BOHROK at

Note: The events page does not at the time of this writing include information on LEGO® Month. Also, you probably know that won't be updated for another day or two, so you will just have to wait for that DeskTop BOHROK.

Cannister front