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Kinder, Gentler EXO-TOA...
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 1, 2002 at 11:49 PM CST:
Keeping the EXO-TOA's gun from firing is a simple matter of making sure the chunk that sticks out the back can't enter the barrel. On my EXO-TOA, I used the long-term solution, since I plan to just set them on shelves and leave them there. This method is best suited for situations where you don't plan to fire it very often, and you don't want it accidentally shooting off to who-knows-where whenever you pick it up. All you need to do is snap the half-pin end of a #1.5-length dark-grey pin into the hole that sticks out of the back of the gun. This method is trickier to install and remove. I find that it's easier to do both if you pull the gun assembly apart on the side you want it to be attached to.

The short-term solution is best suited to situations where you plan to fire it regularly, but you feel the need to keep it from doing it when you're not ready. It works the same way as the long-term solution, but you use the small light-grey #1-length pin that has a hollow stud on the end, snapping the stud into the hole that sticks out of the back of the gun. This method is easier to remove by simply pulling on it with your finger, but it's actually harder to install than the long-term version, unless you pull apart the gun assembly.

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