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Kahu modifications revisited
Posted by Perry on April 24, 2002 at 01:27 AM CST:
Sorry for the hiatus. A job change will do that to you. Since I'm back (time permitting), however, it's time for another interesting modification MOC, this time for Kahu.

DragonMaster2050 says, "I modified the Kahu (alternate of the Nui-Jaga) to carry 2 matorans like in the Mata Nui online game. The modification is made using only the extra pieces from the Nui-Jaga set and 2 1/2 axle spacers. There is a harness for the pilot, and a foot-lock for the second to keep both hands free to throw discs.

Step 1: replace #3 axles that hold wings on with #6 axles.

Step 2: place second's feet on axles and lock in place with an axle-to-2-rivet connector.

Step 3: build 2 halves of the harness with a 2-axle-connector, a #3 axle, 2 #5 connectors, and a #2 axle.

Step 4: Put a #6 axle in the middle horizontal hole of the head and secure with 2 1/2 axle spacers.

Step 5 (taken off to show detail) : put the harness halves on the axle.

Step 6: Put in pilot.


(Tamaru seconding with Naki (my custom) piloting.)

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