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KRANA Quandary
Posted by Mark on February 1, 2002 at 08:37 PM CST:
First, a note about the picture above. I do not particularly like the way the KRANA look on the TOA heads. So much of the TOA head sticks out, it is a distraction. What is more, TOA heads are not included in the KRANA packs, so displaying KRANA on them means finding heads elsewhere. I borrowed heads from my KANOHI display for the previously posted picture.

In the above picture, I have mounted the KRANA directly on a #1 angle connector attached to a 1 x 1 brick. Unfortunately, the connector will not fit properly if pointed up into the KRANA where it is not visible, so it has to point down instead. Even so, it is a vast improvement (to my eyes, anyway) over the TOA head display. Now, on to the analysis.

Unlike the vast majority of KANOHI, which were only available in the 8525 (North America) or 8530 MASK PACKS, all of the KRANA are available outside of the 8569 (North America) and 8559 KRANA PACKS. Half of the KRANA are available in BOHROK sets and the other half are available in BOHROK VA sets.

So when is it economically advantageous to purchase a KRANA pack instead of a BOHROK, or vice versa? Keep in mind that I am approaching the problem from the point of view of someone who is only interested in collecting the KRANA. In reality, what comes with the KRANA (a BOHROK, a BOHROK VA, metal KANOHI) probably weighs heavily as to what choice you will make.

If you need 20 or more KRANA, your odds are better than 50:50 that you will get at least one of them in a KRANA pack. Remember that there are three unique KRANA in each KRANA pack. If you need eleven to nineteen KRANA, you need two packs to have better than 50:50 odds of finding one of them. If you need just one KRANA, you will need 22 packs just to have a 50:50 chance of finding it.

You probably do not want to buy 22 KRANA packs though. Remember that with the BOHROK and BOHROK VA, you can guarantee your KRANA's color. That gives you a 1-in-8 chance of getting the KRANA you want, compared to the 1-in-32 chance you take with a KRANA pack. You only need six BOHROK or BOHROK VA for a 50:50 shot at a single KRANA.

In all likelihood though, you will be able to find the KRANA you want for sale or trade loose from a fellow KRANA collector. Where? eBay, Bricklink (n?e Brickbay), and BZcommunity's Buy/Sell/Trade forum are good places to start.

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