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KRAATA-gram, Part II
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 3, 2003 at 10:22 PM CST:
The other day, EVIL TAHU brought me this mysterious pod that he found in our mail. It's a bit smaller, and rounder...and shinier than the envelopes we're used to seeing arrive, but weird is the norm around here.

Even though we weren't phazed by finding this, we weren't exactly expecting it either, so I suggested we should check to see if we could find an address. The only thing we found was the word "KRAATA" on the top, located between six formations that oddly resembled the arteries on a model heart. I was about to suggest that we should try to find out who this KRAATA person was (since opening other peoples' mail is a felony), but EVIL TAHU ran off with it while pointing out that there weren't any postmarks on it, so it wasn't technically mail.

We still weren't sure exactly what this thing was, but EVIL TAHU suggested he might like to use it as a stool. After trying it out, he decided it wasn't very comfortable, what with the lack of padding and such, so I relented and agreed that maybe we should open it after all.

After popping it open, we discovered a long banner. It was a bit large for EVIL TAHU to display, so he called over a couple of the neighborhood kids to give him a hand (though that one on the left looks like he could use a good scrubbing).

After reading what it said, we were about to roll it up and put it back inside, when the dirty kid started twitching, and something black, yellow, and very sluglike started emerging from his chest. The clean kid freaked out and headed for the hills, while EVIL TAHU and I just stood there completely stunned.

I recovered my senses quickly and was able to back up before it finished emerging, but EVIL TAHU wasn't quite so lucky, as it leapt out and attached itself to his face.

After a few seconds of really disgusting noises, it finally dropped off his face and crawled over to the lid from the mysterious pod, where it promptly attached itself to one of the six "arteries". EVIL TAHU wobbled away, muttering something about how it felt like kissing a dead fish only not quite as pleasant, and I'm not positive, but I think he might have looked a bit skinnier than he did a few moments earlier...

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