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KANOHI VAHI Scale Revealed!
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 19, 2001 at 09:24 AM CST:
I've long been wondering exactly how big the VAHI MASK is since the online picture doesn't show any other pieces to reference it against. The other day I noticed that there was an odd little picture of a TOA head tucked into a few different places on packaging and instruction books. The places I've seen it so far are:

8525 KANOHI PACK box top
8537 back page of green NUI-RAMA
8538 inside back page of KANE-RA
8539 inside back page of yellow MANAS

I realized that this picture shows the biggest MYSTERY MASK of all. VAHI, the MASK OF TIME. I got a co-worker to scan in the MANAS page so I could play around with it, and a few days of tweaking the image around has resulted in a full color concept photo of the VAHI MASK on a TAHU head, along with a same-size comparrison photo of the original picture and the full reference scan. The final rendition shows the VAHI MASK looking very much like a samurai's mempo instead of a full-face helm like the other twelve KANOHI.

Cannister front