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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on October 6, 2001 at 07:55 PM CST:
If you're looking for a way to store your extras in a nicely sorted manner that's also very compact, this might be just the right thing. Mark Durham submitted this URL for a hardware storage unit that has 36 drawers that can be divided into two sections each. Cowinkydinkally, that comes out to 72, or the exact number of basic MASKS that are available in the KANOHI 2-packs. For spare RAHI and TOHUNGA MASKS, Euro variants, and the INFECTED HAU, you can probably get away with setting them on top of the box if you don't move it much. If you're interested, you can see it here. It doesn't look like you can buy it off this webpage, but you can find it at Wal-Mart for about $11. Look for Akro-Mills model # 10136, probably in either the hardware or sporting goods section.

Mark says that he used pics from the BIONICLE? webkit to label his, and that if you've got too many MASKS to fit in one unit, they are stackable so you can split your collection between two units.

Also, Mark wrote in with collectiong statistics that are based on a theoretical mono-rarity scheme for the KANOHI packs. Assuming you have an equal chance to pull any of the 73 MASKS out of any given pack, these statistics would work. If there are multiple rarities, well, than all of these numbers mean nothing except that Mark has too much time on his hands. Anyways, his description is as follows:

* Each mask variety can be found in 2.72% of the Mask Pack boxes
* To improve your odds to 50:50 for any given mask, you need 26 boxes

"Here is a table that expands on the above. I have listed the following: 1) the number of mask varieties still desired, 2) the percentage of boxes in which at least one of those masks may be found, and 3) the number of boxes needed for 50:50 odds (or better) of acquiring at least one desired mask. Note that I have rounded up the last column to the nearest whole box."

# of Wanted Types | Found in % | # of boxes for even odds
-----------------   ----------   ------------------------
         10            25.52%                3
          9            23.14%                3
          8            20.72%                3
          7            18.26%                4
          6            15.76%                5
          5            13.23%                5
          4            10.66%                7
          3             8.05%                9
          2             5.40%               13
          1             2.72%               26

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