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Just Don't Let Him Kiss You...
Posted by Purple_Dave on February 6, 2002 at 08:46 PM CST:

At the top is a shot of LEHVAK suspended from the pod-mount, and below that are shots of the pod from front and back, and another of LEHVAK inside the pod with the back label removed.

Next we have shots of LEHVAK from the front, left, back, and right. LEHVAK is the only breed where you don't really notice the rubber band, since it's the same shade as about 50% of the body. As a BOHROK goes, that's about the only thing I'm really happy with. The choice of red KRANA and eyes makes him look like he belongs in the month of December, and while the hand-shields are a cool shape, I prefer at least some semblance of symmetry, and the shape of the pincer-shield makes it look like his right hand is palm-down and his left is palm-up. I completely understand that it would be a large waste of money to make two sets of molds for reverse-image shields, but it would have been nice if the shape was split more evenly.

And storywise, I seriously do not understand why the BOHROK of Air would have no association with that element. All of the other breeds have powers that either harness or destroy their associated elements, but acid isn't air, nor does it really have any capacity to destroy air.

And here we have shots of LEHVAK balled up from the front and right sides, a shot of the snap-attack, and one of LEHVAK after someone hit the Eject button on his brainpan.

Cannister front