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Jeepers, Creepers, Who Gets Which Peepers?
Posted by Purple_Dave on July 17, 2001 at 10:48 PM CST:
Philip asked me about a week ago if the random eye-pieces in the KANOHI packs were supposed to match up with particular colors of MASKS. After explaining it as best I could with mere text, it became obvious that the only simple way of doing this was with a picture. After all, it will save me having to type about 1000 words.

Okay, if you look at the picture above, there are six different eye-pieces shown. Let's start with the easy ones:

Blue: There is only one blue eye-piece, and if you manage to get it mixed up with the rest, there's not a lot I can do to help you. Even so, it's the mask at the top of the picture. This piece goes with the white MASKS worn by KOPAKA and the light grey MASKS worn by NUJU.

Dark green: There are two green pieces, but this one looks very dark while the other one looks almost yellow. It's one space clockwise of the blue eye-piece. This one goes with the black MASKS worn by ONUA and the dark grey MASKS worn by WHENUA.

Orange: There are two eye-pieces that have an reddish-orange look and they are pretty easy to get mixed up when you don't have both in front of you. When compared with each other, one will have a slightly orangish hue and the other will have a more pinkish hue. This, if you hadn't figured it out by now, would be the one with the orangish hue. It can be seen one step clockwise of the dark green one, down in the lower right. This one goes with the brown MASKS (and the KAUKAU MASK of the same shade of transparent orange) worn by POHATU, and the tan MASKS worn by ONEWA.

Red: And now we move on to the one with the pinkish hue. Again, one step clockwise in the picture, this one goes with the red MASKS worn by TAHU, and the orange MASKS worn by VAKAMA.

Light green: Again, here are two more that are easily mixed up. One looks similar to a yellow highlighter, and the other is yellow with a bit of orange. This is the highlighter, as seen one step clockwise of the red piece. It goes with the dark green MASKS worn by LEWA and the light green MASKS worn by MATAU.

Yellow: And finally, the last one, this is the one that is yellow with a touch of orange. Again, one step clockwise, by now you should be one piece to the left of the blue one. It goes with the dark blue MASKS worn by GALI and the light blue MASKS worn by NOKAMA.

Remember, if you know what to look for and you have a full set of six in front of you, it's pretty easy to figure them out. If you only have one piece, and it's not the blue or dark green, it can be a little tough to figure it out sometimes. When I opened my first batch of KANOHI packs, I was going nuts trying to figure out which ones were orange and which ones were red until I finally gave in, popped TAHU's head off, and compared it to them all. Turns out they were all orange, and without a red one to compare them with, I had a hard time admitting they were all the same color.

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