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It Does Exist!
Posted by Purple_Dave on April 1, 2003 at 12:17 AM CST:
April Fools!

Dozens of eagle-eyed MoD readers have written in to point out that there is an INFECTED MIRU NUVA listed in the official online MASK list, and I scoffed at the idea...until now. Lucky MoD reader Loofa Nuva managed to pull one out of the new KRANA-KAL pack and sent in a photo of poor LEWA NUVA, once again batting for the evil team. Normally we wouldn't post photos of such low quality, but in this case I felt the situation warranted making an exception.

This one involved a few months of prep time, most of which was spent searching for the perfect shade of paint. The rest of it was largely a mad scramble during the last few hours of March to finish the paint job and produce just the right photograph (the fact that my ISP's dial-up line was disconnected at midnight really didn't help the situation). For the record, Leah has confirmed that there is no official INFECTED MIRU NUVA.

As for the rest of the setup, Loofa is "A fool" spelled backwards, I actually flipped LEWA NUVA'S arms upside-down to make it a little more believable, and I spent about half an hour producing just the right photograph (I'd almost given up on getting a naturally blurred shot).

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