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I'm Just Talking 'Bout TAKUA...
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 14, 2003 at 11:23 PM CST:
The new Desktop TAKUA is easily the least complicated of the three Desktop Toys that have been released. He's only got three main options (Lightstone, Lavaboard, and Koli Ball), and I've only been able to find one basic clickable action for each. This version of TAKUA matches the one seen towards the end of the MNOLG (red torso/arms, yellow legs), as compared to the version seen in the first GBA game and the online Backlot game (yellow torso/arms, red legs), which only serves to confuse the issue of which one is correct.

I suspect this will be the one that will see the least amount of use. When you start him out, he flickers into view with the Lightstone turned on, and he's thinking about a mouse cursor (well, maybe your mouse cursor, but it doesn't look anything like the little Death Star that chases around my desktop). After a little bit the thought bubble goes away and he just starts pacing back and forth across the bottom of your screen with his little Lightstone shining ahead of him.

If you click on him, he'll hold up the lightstone (which will get really bright), throw his other arm over his eyes, and a shadow will appear behind him. If you click and drag him, he'll drop the Lightstone and start flailing around until you drop him (no, he won't bounce off the walls for you). After that, he chases down the fallen Lightstone, pick it up, and go back to pacing.

When you click on the miniaturized TAKUA SUVA (unlike with the previous two Desktop Toys, double-clicking him does nothing), he'll turn off the Lightstone, run into the side of the screen, back up a bit, and run off the screen, after which the TAKUA SUVA will expand back to full size.

When you start him out, he'll surf in from the side of the screen (with a wake of molten lava following behind him), stop, think about the mouse cursor, and then start surfing back and forth across the screen. He's got a couple of different turn manouvers that he can do when he gets to the side of the screen (I've seen him do a simple spin turn and a 180 Ollie). Oddly enough, it appears that he's got his Lavaboard not only backwards, but upside-down as well, as the bent tips are dragging in the lava behind him instead of riding over the lava in front of him.

Clicking on him will send him shooting in a loop around the entire border of your screen. If you click and drag him, he'll start waving his arms above his head, and the Lavaboard will magically stay attached to his feet.

Clicking the miniature TAKUA SUVA will cause him to do a backflip off his Lavaboard (which will then shoot off the screen). Unfortunately for him, this means that he's now standing on molten lava (ow!), so he'll hop off the screen with his feet sizzling every time he touches down.

Koli Ball:
Starting him up this time will send him running in from the side of the screen dribbling a Koli Ball with his feet. He'll basically just keep doing that back and forth across the screen, but every once in a while he'll just stop and rest a bit. When he gets to the side of the screen, he'll kick the Koli Ball so it bounces off the side of the screen and lands behind him.

Clicking him will make him bounce the Koli Ball repeatedly on his forehead until he gets dizzy. If you click and drag him he'll "juggle" it by bouncing it on his right foot, alternating between the insole (between the knees) and the outsole (to his right). Dropping him will cause him to lose control of the Koli Ball, and after he lands he'll chase it down again.

Clicking the TAKUA SUVA will cause him to launch the Koli Ball offscreen, after which he'll run offscreen, lean back out a bit, wave at you, and then pop offscreen again.

It's nice to see a MATORAN Desktop Toy, but the previous two Desktop Toys were a lot more exciting to play with. I'd have been a lot happier if TAKUA got one feature for each village. Perhaps if they'd given him snowballs for KO-KORO, a KEWA for LE-KORO, and an USSAL for ONU-KORO...

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