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How To Collect All 96 KRANA
Posted by Mark on March 8, 2002 at 11:16 PM CST:
I wrote about my wall-mounted KRANA display back in January. You may recall that at the time I had purchased 32 boxes of KRANA from LEGO? Shop At Home. That gave me 108 KRANA (96 from the 32 boxes plus six from the BOHROK and six from the BOHROK VA) with which to work. I lacked only 28 KRANA at the time.

The three secrets to completing a set are: trade, trade, and trade. If that does not work, then trade some more. Oh sure, I could have purchased another 96 boxes instead for a 50:50 chance of completing the set, but why take chances?

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the kind folks who traded with me. Many are MoD readers and/or members of BZcommunity. "Thank you. Thank you all!"

One additional note about the display. I don't think I previouisly mentioned how I hang the display on the wall. The wall hanger (shown top-center in the picture) is constructed of two 3-LENGTH PERPENDICULAR AXLE JOINERS and a 4-LENGTH AXLE. I originally used parts from my LEGO? MINDSTORMS? ROBOTICS INVENTION SYSTEM and DROID DEVELOPER KIT sets, but I have since replaced them with parts from BrickLink.

Cannister front