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Hero Factory Brain Attack In LEGO Stores, iOS/Android Game Available
Posted by Richard on January 4, 2013 at 08:47 PM CST:
I found all of the Hero Factory Brain attack sets that had been listed on LEGO® Shop @ Home in my local store. A couple interesting things to note, Furno XL is not a boxed set, and comes in a bagister (my made up word for bag/canister) like the others do. Also, the iOS/Android Brain Attack game is available now for free, and seems to get a bonus of some sort (in game currency for upgrades) for entering in codes from corresponding Hero Factory sets. I have no idea if they are one use codes or one per game play, etc. The game is not listed under The LEGO Group so you will have to search for Brain Attack to get it. Forum link.

Cannister front