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He-Man Woman Haters Not Allowed!
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 11, 2003 at 09:14 AM CST:
First up, in an unusual move, JACK STONE? is having it's name changed to 4 JUNIORS?. I can only assume this means they intend to expand the line to be less Jack-centric. Some of the vehicles at the bottom of the image certainly lend some weight to this theory. BIONICLE? fans who are still trying to complete their original KANOHI collection might be disappointed to find out that the police motorcycle will not come with a white MIRU as shown in early prototype photos.

I'm really out of my element here, but not so much that I can't recognize that Bob The Builder gets a few more sets this year, and the Rhino in the second image features a new shade of purple (can't have too much of that). A lot of those animals feature new "activity" parts, primarily as part of their heads (notice the giraffes have accordion-style necks). In the third image are some vehicles designed for kids who are beyond the basic DUPLO? bricks, but not quite ready for the regular smaller bricks. Also seen in the far background are the new shapes for babies, which fit into the special holes on the top of the box behind them (the most noticable one is the red brick, which is somewhat flower-shaped). The far right image shows another kid who snuck in, but unlike the older boys (who are all hauling loot-stuffed backpacks around), this one is content to just sit and play with the toys.

And bringing the building brick concept to the world of jewelry, fashion accessories, and room decor is CLIKITS?, a new line aimed pretty much exclusively at young girls, though since the pieces appear to be compatible with the basic LEGO? bricks, it's possible that they might see a less formal following from a wide variety of LEGO? fans looking for a few specific pieces here and there. The attachments are all basically similarly sized shapes, ranging from gems to flowers. The accessories are a bit more varied, including bracelet straps, necklaces, picture frames, and handbags, all with a bunch of points where the little attachment pieces can be snapped on.

Checking out the CLIKITS? section were a pair of girls who were just taking in the sights, but not actually trying anything out.

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