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Half Done, And Half To Go...
Posted by Purple_Dave on May 26, 2002 at 09:50 PM CST:

Well, it's the card pack, front and back. This pack is odd as CCG packs go. Almost nobody uses wax-packs anymore, since collectors hate the inevitable discoloration that happens to the card that's pressed against the wax sealed flaps. Instead they use foil packs, which are crimped at both edges and along the back of the pack, not unlike how a candy bar is packaged. These, however, are packaged in clear plastic packs that have a design printed on them in the middle. The result is that you can sorta peek in through the ends, but I've found that while you can work the cards enough to determine which foil card you have in a loose pack, I was unable to do so with a pack that was still attached to the bag. Since the cashiers typically pick the bag at random, you don't really get a choice as to which pack you get, so I'm guessing this was done as a cost-saving measure.

I'm not sure why anyone would really care about seeing the back of the card pack, but I figured that as long as I was doing everything else I might as well do that also.

And there we have scans of the fronts of the fifteen non-foil cards and a scan of their standard card back. Obviously the #14 NUI-JAGA is the coolest card, since the layout designers were wise enough to choose the purple one over the baby-blue one, but the #7 TAHNOK card is the most interesting as a part of the whole collection. The three RAHI feature chunks of the box art from the RAHI sets. The even numbered BOHROK cards feature the artwork that was used in the TECHNIC? catalogs, and the other five odd numbered BOHROK cards feature the artwork that was used on the pods from the BOHROK sets. The #7 TAHNOK, however, uses the same artwork that has been used in various advertisements, a poster, and even once on the front page of I find myself very curious as to why the did not use the TAHNOK pod artwork.

Cannister front