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HUKI Happenings
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 7, 2001 at 04:33 PM CST:

Here we have shots of HUKI and his packaging. This is the first time I can recall seeing this unusual shade of orange produced, and it really fits nicely with the tans, browns, and blacks seen in the Po-Koro setting. I picked up three sets to have an extra, but I was rather surprised to find out that three is the magic number to product all the variations that they have pictured. As can be seen below, on the front view of the instructions there is a gigantic combiner utilizing all six McD's TOHUNGA, and there are two medium sized ones split up with the same pattern used by the TOA KAITA (Fire/Earth/Stone and Water/Air/Ice) so three sets of each will enable you to build all nine models. I've looked over the pictures, and I've figured out how to make all three combiners, but until I can get my hands on the rest of them, I won't be able to produce online instructions for them. The backside of the instructions has a poster showing HUKI posing with POHATU, similar to the design of the TURAGA posters.

From the colored numbers shown next to the combiners, it looks like the order of release will be HUKI, ONEPU, MAKU, JALA, TONGU, and finally MATORO.

Cannister front