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HAU Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count The Pieces.
Posted by Mark on June 25, 2002 at 12:01 AM CST:
This is a sculpture of a green HAU which was sold exclusively at LEGOLAND? California in the LEGO? MANiAC Clubhouse. Although I only have the green one, they were also sold in red and blue.

Note: It is very difficult to reproduce the color of green LEGO? bricks on a computer screen or in a printed picture. As evidence of this, I submit the cover of the instructions for the green HAU sculpture. The instructions show the green bricks as a bright yellow green. My pictures, although not perfect, are much closer to the true color of the bricks.

The actual instructions for the sculpture are scant more than a picture of the completed sculpture. I did not include top, bottom, and side scans of the sculpture because there is not much to see. Except for two small "feet" which stick out in front, the entire sculpture is two studs deep all the way around the outside. There is some depth on the front of course, and there is a nice "hole" built into the back for hanging the sculpture by a nail on the wall.

Cannister front