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HAFU's Dilemma
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 21, 2001 at 07:57 PM CST:

If you ever wondered why the TOHUNGA have completely different head sculpts than the TOA and TURAGA, the reason is that the TOHUNGA have something that none of the other characters come with: throwing discs.

In the first picture we've got little HAFU shown from the front, which is pretty simple. In the second picture, he's shown from the back, and in the full-size image I have added three red circles that outline three mounting points that are designed to hold the disc that he comes with. (The circles are absent in the thumbnail, so don't strain your eyes looking for them.) In the third picture he's shown wearing the disc using those three mounting points. I realized this is why the head has a different shape after seeing the ONU-KORNAN TOHUNGA in the MATA NUI online game wear their discs on their backs for a couple of weeks, which disgusted me when I realized how long it took me to figure out that the toy was designed to do the same thing. If this feature doesn't show the level of thought that has been going into the design of the BIONICLE? line, nothing will.

Cannister front