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Great White Metal
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 14, 2003 at 11:47 PM CST:
Reported to be randomly packed into BOHROK-KAL containers, there are only 5000 of these in existence, which puts it beyond the reach of the average fan, but common enough that the hard-core collector should see a few of them pop up for auction online (as compared to the 14karat solid gold HAU which has only hit auction one time in over 1.5 years). Included are a black velvet bag and a little heavy-stock card proclaiming the number that have been produced, and that any BOHROK-KAL who wears one is basically invincible. (Word is, however, that there are a few interesting surprises in store for them...)

Some of you may be wondering exactly what "white metal" is, since it sounds like a rather vague description. It's a hobbyist term that refers to any alloy of lead and tin. Tin provides lots of strength and dent-resistence, but lead allows it to flow better. If you're hand-casting them, the lead content is especially crucial if you want fine detail, but if they're being injection-molded it shouldn't be as important.

The piece I received at Toy Fair shows all the same basic detail as the original XA (unlike the solid-gold HAU, which had some areas with different textures than the original production design), including the three-character MASK-CODE and the mold ID numbers, but the upper tips were banged up and flattened a bit. Between the weight of the KRANA-KAL and the shape of the damage, I can only assume that it was dropped on the tips at one point, but it almost doesn't fit on a TOA head without scratching the upper cheek areas.

Above are a shot of Evil Tahu trying it on for size, as well as one showing what it looks like in a BOHROK brain-pan.

Cannister front