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Who is your favorite Toa?


Great White Hunter
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 5, 2002 at 10:33 PM CST:

The PROTODERMIC parts look more appropriate on KOPAKA NUVA, probably as a result of the fact that they're nearly the same shade as the light-grey parts used for his arms and legs.

The shield looks considerably more effective than the original version, but it's severely hindered by the fact that it's hard-mounted to the end of the only original TOA weapon arm used on any of the six TOA NUVA. As a result, it's really only usable for guarding his lower torso and upper legs.

The spear made out of the Ice Blades looks a bit odd. When posed similarly to any of the other TOA NUVA, the blade edges are aimed to the sides, rather than forward. It almost looks as if his right hand is supposed to be used like a helicopter rotor.

KOPAKA NUVA's Ice Blades can be attached to his feet as ice skates. Not the kind used for figure skating, or hockey, but the long skates similar to those used for speed-skating.

This is easily the most curious of the KANOHI NUVA. With how roughly shaped parts of it look, and how meticulously shaped other parts are, it kinda looks like this design was hand-shaped over an actual HAU. The side profile is very close, and the "mouth" pit is exactly the same. If this MASK belonged to any other TOA I'd be sorely disappointed, but it has a certain snow-packed look to it that's oddly appropriate. Unfortunately, I doubt that will be the case with the other five versions.

And on the packaging artwork, you can see KOPAKA NUVA inventing a new sport. Speed skating...on snow. But hey, when you have elemental control over snow and ice, I guess you're allowed to do weird things like that.

Cannister front