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Great White Hunter
Posted by Purple_Dave on April 4, 2002 at 09:05 PM CST:
In order to make this modification, you'll need five things. You'll need one each of a light blue BO, VU, and XA KRANA, a light grey plus-rod/towball piece, and something threadlike to tie them all together. For my 'something threadlike', I wanted something that would actually look ropelike, which can be tricky to find. The solution that I ended up stumbling across was in the arts and crafts section of the local Meijer store. Hemp cord (about 1/16th" thick), which is used to make some types of jewelry, looks rather convincingly like hemp rope. (Gee, imagine that...)

Once you have all of the ingredients, tie one end of the cord around the towball and stick it in the top of KOPAKA's left hand. Drape the other end of it over his shoulder and start threading it through the eye-holes on the KRANA. If the cord you use is rough enough, you might not even need to tie any knots to keep the KRANA from slipping. And when you're done, it should look something like this image:

Cannister front