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Who is your favorite Toa?


Great Big Combiner MOC
Posted by Perry on April 2, 2002 at 08:44 PM CST:
This MOC by MoD reader pythonkid has a very finished look to it--almost like the evolution of the Bohrok Kaita. He says, "I made something
else which is a combination of the 6 Bohrok. Im not sure what to call it..."

Well, since pythonkid doesn't have a name for it, and since it combines all six Bohrok, may I suggest the name Bohrok Kaita Kaita?

You're right.

Still, it's an interesting figure. Note the use of three Xa (Swarm Commander) Krana. Maybe the Toa can find a way to defeat this big bruiser by getting them all to argue.

Then again, maybe one drives, and the other two do the Krana-pult thing and take over the good guys.

Pythonkid elaborates: " This is the biggest BIONICLE? creation I've made so far. It uses almost all the pieces from the Bohrok sets. It towers over the Toa
Kaita and the Tarakava Nui. i took a picture of it next to the Muaka/Kane-Ra combo. It had two large fists with all the Bohrok shield things except for
Gahlok's, which are on the chest."

So keep in mind that it theoretically would have the powers of all six different types of Bohrok, and the appropriate defenses as well.


Anyhow, feast your eyes.

Then run. A lot.

Cannister front