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Gravity Works...
Posted by Purple_Dave on April 22, 2002 at 09:55 PM CST:
So, most people are aware that the TURAGA shipped to TRU stores in plastic 6-unit grav-feed sleeves, and that the BOHROK VA have shipped in cardboard 6-unit grav-feed sleeves (when you can find them...), but here's one that I haven't actually seen myself, though I've heard of them. Apparently the KANOHI and KRANA packs are shipping together in a third grav-feed sleeve, though I don't know how many packs come in each sleeve. Anyways, you can see examples of one of these sleeves at this Brickshelf gallery, along with the BOHROK VA sleeve. Based on how my BV sleeve is layed out, the MASK sleeve is the one on the right in the top six images, and the one on the left in the next two. It's a lot harder to tell in the last image, but my BV sleeve has three distinct bands across the back, and while I can make one of them out on the left sleeve, I don't think they're present on the right sleeve.

Also, as pointed out last month by Exotahu4, there is a free #4 mini-comic attached to the bottom of each sleeve. Well, unless someone else found it first, that is.

Cannister front