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Got Wings?
Posted by Purple_Dave on June 15, 2002 at 06:43 PM CST:

I'm not entirely thrilled with the complication of the shoulder design that I came up with, but it's the only solution I could figure out that would allow the wings to fold up against the side of the body and stretch out for flying without having to rebuild it each time you wanted to switch. To build it, remove the little stubby green wings, and attach a pair of red #5 and #6 fairings to a pair of TAHNOK VA necks using the black pin/plus-rod combo pieces that held the original wings on. Take a pair of the black pieces used to mount the INFERNAVIKA legs and attach them together with a #5 plus-rod running through the holes that the original wings were attached to. Now connect the two wing assemblies to the wing rack using a pair of #2-length black friction pins.

When you're done with this modification, you'll need to squeeze the black pieces in the wing rack together as hard as you can, since the only thing that keeps the wings from sagging is friction. The final result is a design that allows for some seriously posable wings, and the little guy just looks hilarious in a running "take-off" pose.

Also, as some people have noted, the red brainpan can still hold a KRANA, but so can the brown one, if you're careful about inserting it (or if you build the tail around it). I'd probably consider leaving it that way, but I'd really prefer to have KRANA that match the brainpans, and there are currently no brown KRANA. I tried it with a pair of red KRANA, but there's so much red as it is that hiding any more of the brown color would throw off the color scheme.

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