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Got Plans?
Posted by Purple_Dave on February 12, 2002 at 01:04 AM CST:
While I was at the GALIDOR? party, I met someone named Colin, who is very involved in the BIONICLE? line. He told me how the Times Square TRU will be having a special promotion this Saturday, the 16th, where the artists from the comic books will be signing posters. Okay, so that's pretty cool, right? Well, then he let me in on a secret that has been told to no one but During this event, they will be giving out one solid gold HAU per hour as door prizes. So, if you missed out on the website contest or the Find The Gold Mask contest, this might be your chance...provided you can get to Times Square on Saturday.

UPDATE: Details of the NYC Times Square TRU Event can be found at The Buzz on BIONICLE.COM. Mark

UPDATE 2: This promotion has ended, though there are still plenty of cool display items worth seeing at the Times Square TRU store, if you're in the area. -PD

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