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Got 'Net?
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 25, 2003 at 05:51 PM CST:
I was in the middle of typing up a new article very late Friday night when I lost contact with MaskofDestiny, Rebelscum, and CollectingHQ. It turns out there was some massive virus attack (you can read about it here) that's had the internet tied up for over half a day now. Oh well, between not being able to add new stories and the related near-drought of e-mail, I had plenty of time to explore possibilities for getting an Afterburner and Stealth dimmer installed in my GBA. Unfortunately, I also had plenty of time to keep getting thoroughly trashed on my new copy of MATORAN ADVENTURES. (If only they'd come up with a good BIONICLE?-based flight sim...)

Cannister front