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Going, Going, Gone...
Posted by Purple_Dave on December 19, 2001 at 08:41 PM CST:
The batch that was posted yesterday had the BOHROK names, and the BOHROK pics, and a group of six consecutive set numbers. I checked back today and the pic has been replaced with an image of the six BOHROK VA, which are the little TURAGA-types that wear the BOHROK shields as hats. Upon further inspection, I realized that the listed set numbers are all in the 8550 series, but NUHVOK is set #8561. So, the BOHROK are not being auctioned at this time, but you can find sets that have not shipped to stores here. There are two different people who have posted auctions, and I've noticed that ever bid that has been posted used the Buy It Now option. At the posting of this article, there are six sets still up for grabs.

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