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Who is your favorite Toa?


General Overview
Posted by Purple_Dave on February 16, 2003 at 10:33 PM CST:
Even for someone who's not very familiar with the layout of New York City, it's a bit hard to miss the building that houses the official LEGO? Toy Fair showroom. The flag out front gives it away just a tiny bit. It's interesting to note that The LEGO? Company pays for use of the showroom year round, though the primary purpose for having it takes place within four days, not counting setup time. During the rest of the year it can be used for meetings, but it's really just there for Toy Fair.

Starting at the left, we've got a couple of kids who were discreetly trying to scoop up a bunch of loot. They were pretty good at blending into the background, so noone really seemed to notice what they were up to. Next was the left half of the BIONICLE? display section, containing the KRANA-KAL, the BOHROK-KAL, and four of the new MATORAN villagers. The middle section included a large flat-screen TV showing a video clip that looked like it was probably MoL-inspired CGI-animaged by Ghost Aps (It should be noted that the footage showed characters that were true to the actual sets, rather than the slightly more anthropomorphized MoL animations). On the far right, we have MAKUTA, PEWKU w/ TAKUA, GUKKO Bird w/"JALLER", and the RAHKSHI.

Cannister front