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GBA Walkthru
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 9, 2001 at 06:51 PM CST:
I flipped through the article a bit, and from what I saw it looks pretty well-done, but $15 is a bit steep if all you want is the one walkthru. On the plus-side, it has descriptions and tiny little pictures of twenty creatures, most of which we've never seen before. But again, if you're hoping to be able to figure out how to build any of them, the pictures are way too small to get anything more than a very vague idea of how anything but the smallest of the models are constructed.

As for the storyline accuracy, well, it has some severe problems. The first one is that they refer to the villages by the TOA names, like TAHU, not TA-KORO. There are a few creatures that look like they might have been flubbed in the spelling department, like the KOFU-JAGA and the GOKO-KHAU bird (that's the smaller bird from the LE-KORNAN dogfight in the online game) and the MAHA have suddenly gone from peaceful goat-like herdbeasts from the deserts of PO-WAHI to really mean ram-like monsters from the ice-plains of KO-WAHI, the swampy jungles of LE-WAHI, and the lava-fields of TA-WAHI. They also have a very different horn configuration than the ones from the online game.

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