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Flying High
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 1, 2003 at 10:20 PM CST:

Three of these sets are modelled after missions that have already taken place or technology that has already been put to use. The star of the lineup is the Discovery space shuttle. The choice of space shuttle makes a lot more sense when you realize that the entire NASA line is being sponsored by The Discovery Channel. Features include working landing gear (wheels are mounted to BOHROK fangs), working tail rudder, and opening cargo bay doors with a rather cool satellite that folds up. Unfortunately, I was rather pressed for time, so I was not able to confirm that the satellite can actually be folded up tight enough to fit inside the cargo bay with the doors closed, but it looked like it should be possible.

Also part of this line (and the only set that's not exclusively NASA) is the International Space Station, complete with a mini space shuttle that can be docked to the station. My boss pointed out that this set offers the cool possibility of expansion sets built to match any additions made to the actual ISS.

Reaching back a ways into the history of NASA is the Apollo Lunar Mission, including a Saturn V rocket, a moon buggy, a lunar lander, and a CSM that can actually be attached to the top of the lunar lander.

Looking to the future of the space program, we have a Mars Pathfinder mission, with what I believe to be a Delta II rocket (complete with launch tower) and the new improved Mars Rover design, which should be able to travel almost as far in one Martian day as the original Sojourner Mars Rover did in its entire lifetime (read more about it here).

And if the little Rover isn't enough for you, you can always get the super-sized stand-alone version which is about the size of an average prebuilt RC car. This version is stuffed full of cool little articulated bits, ranging from the the wheel racks to various top-mounted sensor and communication arrays to the front-mounted grasper arm.

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