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First Look, Dunkan Bulk #7168
Posted by Richard on June 28, 2010 at 11:32 AM CST:

Dunkan's cannister uses the same rules as seen in Preston Stormer's packaging, except since his left arm is the gun arm they've taken the picture from his left to get to his good side. You might also notice that like some of the CG sticker art, they've taken creative license to digitally bend his arm at the elbow where it doesn't actually bend. In the upper left corner, you will see that his "signature" is perfectly readable, unlike some of the other heroes who have a fancier, though hard to read signature. On the reverse side, the scene is almost the same on each of the heroes, just with Dunkan jumping headlong into one of a few select villains.

Parts Of Interest

When it comes to spare parts to build a MOC, with you may be better off buying Natalie Breez who has four of those skinny limbs instead of the three black ones as found in this set. If you need the silver parts however, Dunkan happens to have a good shade of it which is one of his few strong points for building.

Like Preston Stormer, and Jimi Stringer, Dunkan gets a unique torso plate which gives him more of an armor plated and mechanical look than the rest of the heroes. Each of the four torso armor shapes looks good, but if I had to pick, I would rate this one as one of my favorites.

I would still prefer a detachable weapon and a bending wrist, but this arm isn't too bad, especially compared to Presto Stormer's ugly Swiss-army gun. It looks like a cross between a small laboratory set and a paintball gun.

I'm not sure I like his helmet, it has a gap that I think shows too much of the skull, and the microphone is an eyesore. This helmet does have some good designs, and looks pretty good when flipped around.


Like each of the heroes, he shares the same basic repetitive design, but is otherwise a pretty good set. You will probably love or hate the silver armor, and he may not be perfect for scrapping later on to build with. If you have money to buy all six, he makes a great addition the team, but if your debating on which Hero Factory sets to go with, you may want to hold off on buying Dunkan Bulk.

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