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Farewell, Adieu
Posted by Gregg on December 5, 2001 at 05:53 AM CST:
Hi all, Gregg here. I just wanted to say a personal farewell. It's been great writing for Mask of Destiny and I think it's safe to say that it is by far the BEST Bionicle website out there! Purple Dave and the gang will continue to bring you the latest Bionicle news.

My interests and priorities have shifted over the last couple of months and I am stepping down from Mask of Destiny. I have been accepted as a volunteer demonstrator for the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game from Decipher Inc. and I will be devoting the majority of my spare time to this new endevor.

My thanks to all of you who I have spoken to or corresponded with during my tenure here at MOD and especially to Purple Dave for taking me on. It's been a blast!


Gregg Keefer
Riders of Rohan
Gold 4

Jacksonville Florida

Cannister front