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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Mark on November 30, 2001 at 10:33 PM CST:
If you want to display your KANOHI on a wall, what better way than with LEGO? bricks. This is a display I have been ?toying? with since summer. All 72 standard KANOHI are displayed on their proper heads.

Each head and neck is attached to a GRAY #1 ANGLE CONNECTOR which is perched on top of a GRAY 1 x 1 BRICK. The 1 x 1 bricks are all attached to an X-LARGE GRAY BASEPLATE (Item #628). The hanger, not shown, consists of two long right-angle brick-to-axle connectors and one 4-length axle (sometimes known as a PLUS ROD because of its cross-section).

Any angle connector will do, but only the #1's don't have any extraneous connectors. The 1 x 1 BRICKs are necessary to move the heads away from the baseplate. You can use just about any LEGO? brick to accomplish this though. The circular 1 x 1 PLATEs are also quite effective.

If you want a more colorful background and you are willing to break your collection up into GREAT MASKS and NOBLE MASKS, the LARGE GREEN BASEPLATE (Item# 626) and the LARGE BLUE BASEPLATE (Item# 627) can each hold 36 KANOHI easily.

Cannister front