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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on July 20, 2002 at 03:47 PM CST:

ONUA has a bit of a hunchback thing going, and the result is that the EXO-TOA chest armor has a nasty habit of decapitating him whenever he is properly placed inside. (By that I mean he has to be firmly seated on the orange plug) Using a couple of pieces from the R2-D2 set (and the best all-around SW set, IMHO), you can fix this somewhat gruesome problem.

This is not an easy modification to pull off if you've already built the EXO-TOA, so my advice is if you're planning to buy more than one, use a new one for this mod. If you look at the full-size version of the image above, the left side shows the original parts, and the right side (and thumbnail) shows the modified parts. The lower left piece is what the chest armor attaches to, and it's added in Step 10 from the instruction book. It gets replaced with the section in the lower right. The upper left shows an original section from the upper portion of the chest armor. Both of them get replaced with the section shown in the upper right.

You'll need to replace the mounting clip for the chest armor with this piece, instead of this piece. Using a #2 plus-rod, attach two of the 1x2 flat liftarms so they both point to one side. These liftarms should be pointing down when the main chasis is fully assembled, and the chest armor attaches to the liftarms in the same way that it would have attached to the original clip. The result is that the armor sits one stud lower on the EXO-TOA, and ONUA has a little more room to breathe.

The second modification is to the silver ROBO RIDER? heads that are attached to the upper section of the chest armor. Replace the #2 plus-rods that connect them to the #5 angle-connectors with #3 plus-rods and full bushings to fill up the gap. Then attach them as normal. The result of this is that the silver parts will end up in nearly the same place that they would have been if you'd built this according to the instructions.

You can also see that I borrowed the lap-restraint from my earlier EXO-GALI modification. On a side note, the EXO-ONUA mod works equally well for getting GALI to sit right, but I found that it left too much of her upper torso unprotected for my tastes.

The final result holds to my original intent to make the EXO-TOA work for every TOA without looking obviously different at a casual glance.

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