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Dutch Catalog Scans Now Available
Posted by Mark on January 21, 2002 at 10:15 PM CST:
MoD reader Paul Vreede borrowed the LEGO? Assortment 2002 Catalog and March 2002 Introductions Folder from his local toystore and sent us these scans. First up, what do you get if you put a TOA and a BOHROK in a blender? I don't know, but here it is:


Detail Of Page 47 Of Assortment 2002 Catalog

Click on any of the images in this article for a larger look.

You can see from the full page scan that sets 8566, 8567, and 8568 do not have names or codes yet. Also in the full page scan are the KORONAN BOXER, EXO-TOA, and CAHDROK AND GAHDOK sets previously seen on Marz Distribution.

Page 47 of Assortment 2002 Catalog

Page 47 Of Assortment 2002 Catalog

Fans of the Game Boy Advance can look forward to the release of BIONICLE 2 ? BIONICLE:BOHROK.


Detail Of Page 54 Of Assortment 2002 Catalog

Page 2 of the Introductions Folder lists (in Dutch) some of the marketing efforts behind BIONICLE? this year. Among these are the new comics and new CDs too.

Marketing Spread

Page  2 Of March 2002 Introductions Folder

Here is the translation:

Bionicle? II: A monster hit for sales!

The facts:
o BIONICLE - an enormous sales success: at end of July 2001 already more than 4 million BIONICLE items have been sold in Northern Europe, of which more than 750.000 units in the Netherlands and approximately 200.000 in Belgium.

o is an enormously popular web address

The story and the success get a sequel

The Toa thought their mission had finished after they had defeated the Rahi ... they couldn't suspect that this was only the beginning!

From a mysterious subterranean cave suddenly emerged new, even more dangerous adversaries - the frightening Bohrok! These Impressively strong insect-like creatures crawl from their dark hideaway to start a new, exciting chapter in the BIONICLE story.

The product

o Six different kinds of Bohrok, each with its own behaviour, powers and abilities!
o Packaging offers extra play value: the Bohrok come in transparent canisters, in which you can see them sit like scary insects in their cocoon.
o The price level for the Bohrok is ideal for impulse and pocket money sales.

The major marketing support continues

In 2002 your actions on the shop floor will be supported by:

o Highly contagious marketing on the Internet
o A CD-ROM with stories
o Promotions with major brands
o Trading cards
o Comic strips

Place the Bohrok next to the Toa in your shop and watch how both products will fly out the door side by side to continue the fight in every boy's room!

And also:

o Three new gift articles are planned for the 2002 high season
o Noticeable, new transparent cans


Thanks again to Paul Vreede for the scans and translation!

Cannister front