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Double Trouble
Posted by Purple_Dave on November 19, 2002 at 11:22 PM CST:

So most everyone has probably heard about the fact that the ONUA NUVA canister (above left) shows a different NUVA symbol than the ONUA NUVA instruction booklet (above right), but here's another one for you. I was reading through the #9 comic, and when I got toward the end, I noticed that the KOPAKA NUVA symbol had one more line than I remembered seeing before. If you look at the full sized version of the top image, the main image is of the symbol as shown in the comic panels (notice the extra vertical line in the lower right corner). In the lower left corner is the symbol as seen on the KOPAKA NUVA instruction booklet (also sporting the extra line), while in the upper right you can see the symbol as shown on the CGI cube image in the center spread (without the extra line), with the symbol from the KOPAKA NUVA can (also missing the extra line) immediately below. With the ONUA NUVA symbol mixup, the only good way to figure out which is correct is by paying attention to which one continues to get used (for those who haven't been, it's the one from the can, not the instructions), but with the KOPAKA NUVA symbol, adding that extra leg makes it impossible to match up all the sides to assemble the full cube.

Cannister front