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Don't Eat The Crablegs!
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 25, 2002 at 08:06 PM CST:

This one may not be the tallest...or even the second tallest, but it's certainly the heaviest BIONICLE? model at present, with two RC drive-units filling in as the main torso. One drive-unit controls the tread system, and the other controls the claw-attack. This means that if you've got an extra pair of arms you could theoretically control each drive-unit with a seperate controller. However, since there are only three channels, that would only leave one channel free for your opponent, and since very few people are born with extra arms, you'd probably be at a disadvantage anyways.

Unlike the MANAS, the MANA-KO is not really suited to taking on another of its kind. The claws are too low to hit the KANOHI unless you can catch the fangs just right and cause the head to flip down against the chest (BTW, the head can flip down against the chest...) which will put the KANOHI just within reach of the high end of the claws' reach. Ironically, the MANA-KO is actually suited to taking on TOA, while the MANAS are not.

Probably the most interesting aspect of this design is the grabby-claw. As you can see in the above image, there is a strut that holds the claw open, but when the strut is hit (like, say, by the KANOHI worn by a TOA who's a wee bit too slow) it will flip back out of the way and the claw will snap shut, usually taking a KANOHI with it. Or a TOA's arm, if you catch it just right.

Anyways, as for those yellow KOMAU, I switched them out for the orange RURU. Not because I think it looks better (though if I had another spare orange KOMAU, I might consider using those) but because it frees up a yellow KOMAU to fill another hole in my KANOHI collection.

Cannister front