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Desktop KANOHI
Posted by Purple_Dave on December 7, 2001 at 09:41 AM CST:
First of all, since I don't own a Mac, I have no idea if these patterns will work for all of you Mac-users. However, I'd be very interested to know if they do. Obviously, there's no way the PC instructions will work for a Mac, so you'll have to figure out how to do it on your own, if you don't already know how.

Okay, these are all background pattern designs for your PC desktop. Since the pattern files are not stored seperately from each other, I can't just post downloadable files, so I did the next best thing. I made large-scale visual patterns so you can reproduce them on your own PC.

Below are thirteen sample thumbnails, one for each KANOHI shape. I've produced my patterns and samples with close approximations of the original KANOHI colors, but feel free to program them in any color you want.

Since Microsquish seems to be less concerned with making a stable OS than they are with making a 'gee-whiz' OS, I use Windows 98SE, which seems to be the most stable of the five basic incarnations. (Though that's not saying much) If you are using a different OS, these instructions might need to be tweaked to work for you. Anyways, to create a new pattern for your desktop, use your mouse to right-click on an open section of desktop. Select PROPERTIES. You should get a window that shows a computer monitor with your existing desktop pattern and background image. There is a field in the lower right called DISPLAY. If you have a background image, this should be set to CENTERED, so it will actually leave exposed area for the pattern to fill. (Note: If you use a full-screen background image, you'll need to use a smaller one or the pattern won't have any blank areas to fill.) Next, click the PATTERN button, which should be right above the DISPLAY field. This will open up another window where you can select any of the existing patterns. Click the EDIT PATTERN button. This will, again, bring up a new window. This one will have a small sample of the pattern as it will look on your desktop, and to the left of that is a very large 8x8 grid. Clicking on the individual grid-spaces will change their color between black and whatever color you've selected for your desktop. Just change the pattern to match the ones I've posted (or alter them if you think they look better) and save the result. Make sure to change the pattern name before you save or you'll end up writing the new pattern over the original one.

Now that you've got the pattern you want, you'll probably want to change the color of the background. Close the PATTERN EDITOR and PATTERN windows and go back to the DISPLAY PROPERTIES window. Click the APPEARANCE tab. There is an ITEM field near the bottom. Select DESKTOP in that field. To the right of the field is a small COLOR box. Click on that and select the color you want. Click APPLY and close the window and you're good to go.

Note: Since black is the fixed background color for the pattern, if you want to have a black KANOHI pattern, you'll need to reverse the colors of the pattern and change the background color to whatever you want, just like I did with the PAKARI pattern.

Cannister front