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Defrost For One Month...
Posted by Purple_Dave on October 10, 2001 at 08:09 PM CST:
There are a few odd changes that have happened that don't really have anything to do with the actual puzzle. There is a slight difference to the song-chip slot on the Flute. Namely, it's no longer there. Also, the Flute buttons don't light up when you click them. Finally, there's an entirely different cut-scene when you play the KAHU-summoning song. You get a small blue bird instead of KONGU's KAHU. Unfortunately, you don't really get a good enough view of this bird to easily recreate the other birds from the LE-KORO vs. NUI-RAMA dogfight.

Anyways, you still can't get to KO-KORO by bird until you've gone there via the land-route at least once. KO-KORO only has one entrance, and that's from the cliff on the side of the TA-KORO gatehouse. You'll need to talk to the guard to find out how to get the cable-hook to work correctly. Once you get there, you'll need to give someone a nice warm hello to get him to show you how to get to KO-KORO. In KO-KORO, if you look at NUJU, he's reading a short list of credits for the online game. You'll need to find MATORO before you can talk to NUJU, so talk to everyone else and someone will tell you where to look. When you do get on his trail, just walk. A lot. He'll find you eventually. Very eventually. It's possible that you might need to find the monolith first. Anyways, after you've found him, KOPAKA will have a small tussle with MUAKA, though I have no idea why he's wandered so far from the jungles of LE-WAHI. When you talk to NUJU, MATORO will translate for him, telling you to take a letter around to the other five TURAGA. Do it, and hopefully you'll have better results than I did.

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