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Darker Shadow - Stronger Light
Posted by Purple_Dave on March 13, 2003 at 10:24 PM CST:
Handed out as a freebie in the BIONICLE? van, this small card provides both images of most of the 2003 line (and a few from the 2002 line) and a brief synopsis of the story leading from the emergence of the TOA NUVA through the lead-in for the MASK OF LIGHT video.


After defeating CAHDOK and GAHDOK the TOA were immersed in PROTODERMIS and have evolved into the TOA NUVA. With their new elemental powers, armor and tools the TOA NUVA were mightier than ever before..... but could they stand up to the newest threat to MATA NUI!


The BOHROK-KAL - six elite BOHROK with distinct and amazing powers, with a single mission; revive the BOHROK swarms and unleash them once more to cleanse MATA NUI.

By stealing the elemental energies of the TOA NUVA, the BOHROK-KAL had the power to defeat the heroes of MATA NUI! But will the TOA NUVA be able to pool their wills and end the menace of the BOHROK-KAL?

The 2003 Winter side shows the TOA NUVA, the BOHROK-KAL, and a shot of TAHU NUVA facing off against five of the BOHROK-KAL. There's really nothing on this side that we haven't seen or heard before.


As the TOA NUVA recovered from their struggle, two MATORAN discovered a new KANOHI MASK OF POWER - the MASK OF LIGHT!

Legend said that the MASK OF LIGHT belonged to a powerful SEVENTH TOA, who would free MATA NUI from the evil of MAKUTA. The MATORAN, TAKUA and JALLER, set out in search of this new TOA.

But MAKUTA was determined to stop them, and sent six fierce hunters - the RAHKSHI - to find the MASK OF LIGHT and the SEVENTH TOA.

The stage was set for a final confrontation - TOA NUVA vs. RAHKSHI, TOA OF LIGHT vs. the might of MAKUTA. Would the heroes of MATA NUI triumph, or would the shadow of MAKUTA fall up on the island for all time?

The 2003 Summer side shows the two MATORAN/Beast combo sets, the six RAHKSHI, MAKUTA, TAKA NUVA, and the DVD cover for the MASK OF LIGHT movie (the last two have been editted out until we're told that it's okay to post them). Absent from the 2003 lineup are the six single-packed MATORAN villagers and the two MASK packs, and four of the images on this side show the older prototype versions (GUKKO BIRD, PEWKU, MAKUTA, and TAKA NUVA) instead of the versions that were shown at Toy Fair. The second paragraph on this side sows further confusion on the whole JALA/JALLER confusion (don't worry, there's a legitimate explanation, but we've been asked not to reveal it yet), and we also see, for the first time, the specific task given to the RAHKSHI.

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