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Crabs And Scorpions
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 4, 2001 at 09:38 PM CST:

I had theorized that the KOFO-JAGA were small scorpions since the NUI-JAGA are huge ones, and NUI is Maori for gigantic. Leah at LEGO® Direct was able to confirm that I was on the right track, but not quite accurate. The KOFO-JAGA is actually a Fire Scorpion, though we won't really know what that means until we see them in the upcoming PC game. Until we see an official design, this MOC was the best I could do.

UPDATE: After finding out that there is already an official KOFO-JAGA design, I decided to rename my MOC. It's now called a PAKU-JAGA.

Shown above is the parts layout for my KOFO-JAGA MOC. The version shown is quite expensive to produce, but it's the best looking one I could produce. For a much less expensive version, substitute blue GALI hooks for the yellow ones from MUAKA. You will need ONUA claws, and the rest of the parts will require plus-rod balls from two or three TOA, depending on which ones you get. (POHATU is the only one with two, and ONUA and GALI don't come with any.) I think it would look much better done with red GALI hooks instead of the yellow ones, but I have not been able to pick up a second set of MUAKA/KANE-RA to get the third red hook. For most of the body you don't get much choice beyond black, but there are a few options for redesigning it:

GALI hooks per set
2 blue with GALI
1 orange with NUI-RAMA
1 white with TARAKAVA
4 yellow, 2 red with MUAKA/KANE-RA
4 white, 1 yellow, 1 orange with MANAS

ONUA claws per set
2 black with ONUA
2 orange, 3 light green with NUI-RAMA
2 white with NUI-JAGA
1 white with TARAKAVA

Non-black plus-rod balls
2 light grey with TARAKAVA

Shoulder/Hip joints per set
4 black w/ each TOA plus 1 blue w/ GALI, 1 white w/ Kopaka
3 green, 3 orange with NUI-RAMA
6 purple, 6 light blue with NUI-JAGA
Also, if you can get any of the old THROWBOTS™, they have lots of colored shoulder/hip joints. I never bought any ROBORIDERS™, so I don't know what they come with.

Cannister front