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Coppery Twins
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 6, 2001 at 07:20 PM CST:
I was asked if I'd gotten my copper mask yet, which shocked me, since I've been expecting them to come out on the 18th. Also, the stores are supposed to only give them out in exchange for the coupon at the bottom of the TRU KANOHI poster, but the employees at my local store have been told to give them out to anyone purchasing BIONICLE? product.

UPDATE: I misremembered the date of the TRU copper giveaway, which is supposed to start this Saturday, the 8th. I'm coming down with some sort of nasty bug, and running around the apartment to find my copy of the poster wasn't very high on my list of enjoyable activities, so I must apologize for getting the facts mixed up. END UPDATE

Shown in the picture is a comparison, for those who have been wondering, of the TRU copper MASK OF VICTORY, and the Billund Copper MASK OF CONCEALMENT. Can't tell the difference? Neither can I, beyond the mold-stamp on the reverse side, and I doubt that has any significance. Oh, if you seriously bugged about which one is which, the one on the right came from Denmark.

Cannister front