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Coppery Coolness
Posted by Purple_Dave on August 22, 2001 at 08:54 PM CST:

These are the exclusive copper HUNA and KOMAU that can only be bought at LEGOLAND? Billund. Well, it's looking like that's only half true. The HUNA is supposed to be available as a Toys"R"Us giveaway on September 8th, but there is no mention as to whether the KOMAU will remain a true exclusive or not. Whatever the case may be, the description card will never be released anywhere else as the front has a LEGOLAND? Billund logo in the lower right corner.

The front of the card has pictures of both MASKS, a faint image of the six TOA which can be seen in full color on the back of the card, and the following descriptions of them in Danish, German, and English:

"Kanohi Huna:
The noble mask of concealment, gives the wearer the ability to turn invisible."

"Kanohi Komau:
The noble mask of mind control, makes others do as you want."

The back of the card has a brighter picture of the six TOA and the following description, also in the same three languages:

"The copper masks Kanohi Huna and Kanohi Komau are only to be found in Mata Nui's dark underground caves and tunnels. The special material gives the masks an extra boost to their powers. It takes more time for the wearer to master them, but they will be all the more effective."

It would be really cool if the other four TURAGA MASKS get produced in this copperish color of plastic, much as the MATA NUI online game has hinted that the TOA MASKS might all be produced in a gold colored plastic.

And now that I actually have clear pictures posted, I can finally open them...

Cannister front