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Congrats To The Brick-Makers
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 29, 2002 at 10:13 PM CST:
MoD reader Adam Cochrane said that he read in his local paper that BIONICLE? won an award for being best Toy Of The Year, but he didn't give many details beyond that it beat out Harry Potter. I did a search and after digging through the results for a while, I found out that BIONICLE? is actually up for TOTY awards from two different sources.

The British Association of Toy Retailers has already announced their winners, which I'm guessing is what Adam read about in the newspaper, though I don't see a Harry Potter nomination anywhere on the list. Also of note is that they awarded LEGO? with their Toy of the Century award.

Stateside, things are a little more complicated. The Toy Industry Association have announced their nominees for the second annual T.O.T.Y. awards, and BIONICLE? has received three nominations for Boy Toy of the Year, Most Innovative Toy of the Year, and Best Marketing Campaign of the Year. Winners will be announced on February 9 at the start of the New York Toy Fair event.

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