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Coming Sorta Soon To A Shelf Near You...
Posted by Purple_Dave on January 28, 2002 at 10:58 PM CST:
A lot of our UK readers have been asking us when they can expect to see the BOHROK in their local stores, so I dropped a line to Sabre. I was told that they should be showing up sometime in February or March.

Meanwhile, I keep getting tons of reports of the BOHROK VA and KRANA packs showing up all over the US, with a few reports of some of the full-sized BOHROK added in for flavor. I've yet to personally see the BOHROK (well, besides the NUHVOK that I got mid-December) or the KRANA packs, so if you're still waiting for them, you're not alone. My guess is that a lot of stores are stuffed to the gills with January releases (like eight new Star Wars sets, eight new ALPHA TEAM sets, three new Harry Potter sets, and at least half a dozen RACERS) and they're holding off on ordering anything else for a while.

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