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Who is your favorite Toa?


Posted by Purple_Dave on August 18, 2001 at 01:41 PM CST:
Forget the official MANAS descriptions, these are by far the most brutal adversaries that your TOA will have to face. While I still feel that a good MANAS duel is more fun than fighting with any of the other models, these guys have the market cornered for sheer power. When you squeeze the torso stem on either of these models, the head shoots out a full four inches. There is a positively amazing gear assembly that causes the mouth to stretch open as the head moves forward, and when it reaches full extension, a catch is released and the mouth clamps shut on whatever is unfortunate enough to be in the way. When you release the torso, the head retracts and drags along anything it caught as a snack. Even if these guys don't manage to suck your TOA's KANOHI right off his or her face, there is enough power behind this attack feature to send your TOA flying at least a foot across the floor.

As for vulnerability, well, there's not much there. The MASKS are mounted on stems that pin the forelegs in place. When the stem is pulled free, the matching leg goes flying off. The problem here is that the stems rotate, so it is a bit harder to smack these MASKS loose than it is on almost every other RAHI. In fact, MUAKA and KANE-RA seem to have the only attack features that are really designed to disable each other, since they can chomp down on the stem and pull it free.

Between the two models, there's not a lot of differences besides the obvious one of color. They do have different MASKS, with a pair of black HUNA on KANE-RA and a pair of the uber-cool INFECTED HAU on MUAKA. Beyond that, however, there are only three physical differences. MUAKA has four yellow GALI claws, cute little kitty-cat ears, and an upper jaw consisting of a piece from the ROBORIDERS? and two upper teeth. KANE-RA has hooves made with the same ROBORIDER? piece as MUAKA's snout instead of claws, horns made of red GALI claws instead of ears, and an upper jaw made of the THROWBOTS? head with no upper teeth, though he's got the same four lower teeth as MUAKA. The tank treads on these guys are much smaller than those on the TARAKAVA, but with the widely spaced pair of forelegs, they are much more stable when not being played with.

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