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Channels, And How To Use Them
Posted by Purple_Dave on September 2, 2001 at 09:17 AM CST:
Each article that gets published is linked to the main page, and when you load the page, everything is clumped together. With the Channels, you can narrow your focus to those stories which will have interest to you and skip the ones that deal with things you don't care about. Here's a list of the Channels, and what they are used for:

Card Game

Rather self-explanatory, this deals with the CCG, both regular release and special exclusive cards.


This deals with any item that is exclusive to a certain location. Examples include the LEGOLAND? MASKS, the Wal-Mart posters, and in the near future, the TOHUNGA sets from McDonald's. We'll tell you what they are, when they're available, and where to find them.


When new sets come out, we'll tell you all about them here, both for their original instructions, and any included secondary instructions. Likewise, any reviews of new collectibles that don't fit into any of the other Channels will go here. Things like the CCG and video games have their own specific Channels, so their reviews will be placed accordingly, rather than clumping them in with set reviews as well.

Unique Designs

Whether you know them as MOCs (acronym for My Own Creation) or customs, LEGO is all about coming up with your own designs. As I continue to come up with new and interesting designs, they will be added here. Likewise, if any readers produce clear images of their own MOCs that they would like to show to the world, they can submit them to be added here as well.

Video Games

Again, this one is self-explanatory. Here you will find the latest news on the PC game, the GBA game, and the MATA NUI online game. We will not be posting full walk-throughs, but there's not a problem with giving hints now and then.


Some stuff, like this article, don't fall into any of the above categories, so we've got this catch-all category to collect all of the articles that wouldn't otherwise have a home.

When we see new areas of collecting that need special attention, we will add more Channels to accomodate them. If you think of one that we haven't added yet, feel free to suggest it.

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