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Brickfest 2006 Aproaches
Posted by Richard on August 23, 2006 at 03:55 PM CST:
In the past years BIONICLE® hasn't been a very appreciated toy line Brickfest but I understand Omicron of BZPower is the person running the section this year. Last year the BIONICLE section got it's own room and Marc Reindhart did an excellent job by turning it into a museum of sorts from his own personal collection along with the submitted MoCs that were brought or sent in, and I?m certain this years event will be as great as last years in Omicron?s hands. A good two thirds of last year's BIONICLE MoCs were mine, I wanted to ensure the event had plenty of support. This year I will only be taking a select few, primarily featuring my recreations of Mathew Fogel's characters from his work in progress, the "Epsilon Saga" (I don't really know the name, that?s more of a filler name like how we had Toa Igniters before they were dubbed Inika). My other displayed characters will be from the Miraka Nui story/RPG and a Tachikoma from Shirow Masamunes' "Ghost in the shell, stand alone complex".

Right now it's way too late to register for the full three day event, unless you can get an at door registration (Please consult The Brickfest Website to see if this is possible), but you can go for the two day event open to the general public (Again, see the website for details.)

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